Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 02

DAY 02
Great Bend to Wilkes Barre via heavens only knows where. We started the day at 6:23 am in the fog. We finished the day at a Ramada on the Square at about 8:00 pm. This was clearly not according to plan. We really like to be off the road by 1 or 2 pm. It was very hilly and we got lost at least three times. We missed turns and had to get directions from a variety of people along the way. It may not been entirely our fault. The Google maps routinh uses route numbers and Street names. Sadly the streets are not always marked well. One fellow took pity on us and gave us two Pepsis. All in all it was one of the hilliest days I can remember. I (Mel) am in agony right now.

We stopped in Kingsley at Jenny Leigh’s Country Cookin’ for pancakes and coffee. The short stack has two 9 inch beautiful tasty cakes. I had coffee. The price for the two orders of cakes and coffee was $3.78. Take that IHop. I love good pancakes on the road.

We had dinner in West Pittston. We just could not pedal another mile without a meal. We at at Antonio’s Pizzeria. The woman behind the counter made us two huge antipasto salads. I had soda. It was $18.00. The food was great and the rest much needed.

Bright side: Our riding speed was actually 8.8 mph for the 66.9 miles traveled. I am glad we did it. The picture (View from a Bridge) says it all.


  1. Mel and Debbie I thought I had left a comment yesterday but don't see it here (or anywhere). Looks like you forgot your GPS. Great scene on the river! Mel when does your distance learning class start?

  2. 66.9 miles! That's amazing. Nicely done. How is the bike holding up? More importantly, how's Debbie's lip and knee?


  3. I'm with Merle. You should have a laptop connect card and a GPS . . . here I thought you were a techo-geek.