Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 10 About to Leave Metro D. C.

We were out at 7:03 this morning. We headed for the W&OD trail and did about 4 or so miles on it looking for Route 7100. This highway actually had a bike path associated with it. It may have been a mistake to take it rather than being on the shoulder because the path was very slow going. Eventually we did get on the road at about mile 12 and made better time.

We do not have very good maps at all but despite this Debbie got us to the correct connecting road to go to Woodbridge. It turns out to be Route 123. The going was pretty fast until we hit the town. Towns are slow. They typically do not have shoulders but do have traffic. The traffic here was heavy.

For the most part this was an easier day than several of the past few. I think the main reason for this was that it was not hot. The highs were only in the mid 70s. The going was not fast but the scenery was pleasant for the most part.

We finally made it to Woodbridge, but were tired and hungry and thirsty, a bad combination. After a mile or so of stressful riding we decided we were starving. With less than 2 or so miles to go to find a hotel, Mel lost his courage when we lost the shoulder and wanted to walk on the sidewalk rather than ride on the road. His courage turned out to be found at a KFC, along with food, drink, and a rest in air conditioning. We had only had fruit and nuts during the day and it was 1 pm. We stopped at a KFC. We were good. Debbie had a sandwich and Mel had a piece of roast chicken with a couple of reasonable sides and of course soda. When we left there another customer wanted to take our picture, so we asked him to take one with our camera also.

We hit the road again feeling fed, hydrated, and cooled off (and with Mel’s courage back in place). We then went to US 1 and turned right (south). Now we were just looking for a motel. In just a couple of miles we found the Rodeway Inn at Potomac Mills. We checked in. The price seemed high, especially when we saw the room. It was a real dump (for the money). The carpet in the room looks 20 years old. The fan in the bathroom is broken/rusted/painted over. They have a coin laundry but no detergent for sale. They have a free breakfast but the woman at the desk said they only serve bagels and coffee. She would only give Debbie change for $2 even though the laundry would cost $3. They do have air conditioning and free internet which I need. The main virtue of this place is that it was in the right place when we needed it.
Today we traveled 34.5 miles in 4:10 for an average speed of 8.2 mph. We have progressed 407 miles in our quest for Walt Disney World. That is close to a third of the trip.

Debbie’s emotionometer: Cooperative and pleasant, then anxious, then courageous.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am now caught up on your blogs of the trip and, therefore, on all of your meals. I noticed that the emotionometers tended to be better when you had lots of good pancake places:-)

    I still think you should get one of those phones that have a GPS and that tell you where to go to find motels, pancake places, etc. etc.

    I really enjoy your blog! Keep on truckin'!