Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 26 A Very Long and Successful Day

This is alleged to be the smallest church in America. A worker at a place we stopped  for a drink said it was built after Sherman did his march through Georgia. In fact, according to the sign out front it was erected in 1949. It has a pulpit and four seats.

We saw many trees like this. This particular one struck us because it sat out by itself. The others line on side or both sides of the road.This one's for you Carol.

We got out at 6:05 planning to try to get to Brunswick. The terrain was flat and the weather was cool and there was little if any wind. The conditions were almost ideal (would have liked a tail wind).

We were making pretty good time. It turns out that if we had gone on to Midway we would have found both a decent motel and places to eat. Who knew? We stopped for “second breakfast” at MacDonalds. We had gone 24 miles. It was about 8:15.

We stopped again for lunch in Darien at about 12:10. We found a Subway. We had gone 43.6 miles and were feeling pretty good, if a bit tired. We took an almost 1 hour break and tanked up on liquids. Then it was off again.

A lot of the scenery was just fields and tall straight trees, but we also saw a fair number of those moss-laden trees that remind you of an old movie about the south. As the day went on, we moved more coastally and saw lots of wetlands with reeds, crossed many rivers, and passed through some bird sanctuaries. I (Debbie) took lots of photos because we had been told the road was a scenic one. The landscape was so different that I got a bit carried away. Carol, I took a picture of a tree especially for you.

We knew we faced a choice about going on when we got to exit 36. There were lots of motels and restaurants there and the next place to find those sorts of services was around exit 29 (on I 95). We figured that the apparently 7 miles between exits would be a bit more on the secondary roads that we were riding (we were correct). It was not too late, we were making good time, we felt pretty strong, so, we on went.

It turns out that the lst bit, as usual, was tough. The roads were busy, there was no shoulder, and the wind was not friendly. By the time we got to the Super 8 we wanted we had gone 67.5 miles and it was almost 4:00 pm. That is quite a bit later than we like but we had a terrific day.

Debbie swam and did laundry. We showered. I worked. After a bit we went to dinner at a buffet (bad idea) on the other side of the highway called Country Market. Food was ok and plentiful and there was lots of salad. Unfortunately, as we were leaving the thunder started. We were in the parking lot when we saw some pretty impressive lightening which was only a mile or so away. We chickened out and went back inside and the skies opened up. We are now stuck in here waiting for the storm to pass.

Today’s ride: We rode 67.5 miles (our longest day) at an average speed of 9.9 mph (our fasted speed). We were on the bike for 6 hours and 48 minutes. We are now1128 miles into our trip, and weather permitting, we will be in Florida tomorrow. Yea!!!

Debbies emotionometer:
Spirits are high. Nobody was grumpy until the thunder and lightening started and we couldn’t return to the hotel. Not grumpy exactly, just somewhat annoyed.


  1. Holy moly. I'm impressed.... again. Happy trails tomorrow :)

  2. I am astonished! How are you guys doing this!! You are almost there! Janis