Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 35 Another Day at Disney

This is most of the cast of the show we watched on Main Street. The dapper fellow on the right is Scoop Sanderson. You can see the fire cheif on the left and in the background on his right is the mayor. Two of the 1890s ladies are also in view as is one of the three sax players that accompany them. The show involves nice singing and (bad) jokes. It is a lot of fun,.

We were up early. I (Mel) did not sleep particularly well. We are now in the Bay Lake Tower Villas. The place is beautiful. We got ourselves together and ate breakfast. We wanted to make it to early opening hours at the Magic Kingdom. We walked from our building to the entrance and watched the opening show and then went in.

The place was pretty empty. We have observed that families with young children do not get them up and out very quickly so if you are in early you can do lots of rides with virtually no lines. We did about 6 rides in a couple of hours, watched a long show on Main Street, and did some pin shopping. All these things required walking to different parts of the park so by 11:30 it was hot and we were tired.

We had made an appointment to attend a member event for Disney Vacation Club members so we went back, and had soda until the time. We then spent a couple of hours at the event. This event was held on The Top of the World. That is an observation deck on the 16th floor of the Bay Lake Tower Villas. The views are spectacular. Florida is pretty flat so you can see Sea World, Universal Studios Park, and downtown Orlando, as well as super views of the Magic Kingdom itself. We have access to that room by virtue of staying here on points and may use it to view the fireworks on night.

 We are now back in the room, chilling. I worked a bit. Papers are coming in and I graded a couple.  Debbie is doing laundry and reading.

At about 4:30 pm I got a call from a writer for our hometown newspaper in Cortland, NY. I had emailed the writer for the Living section and told her about our trip and gave her our blog address. She called to do an interview by phone. We talked for about 30 minutes or so. I emailed her two pictures of our bike and trailer.  I have no idea what she will do with the information but I hope someone at home buys a couple of papers if a story appears about us.

At 5:00 there is a pin-trading session in the Towers and at 7:00 there is one in the Contemporary. We went to both.  We got a couple of good pins for our collection.

Today’s ride: No miles.

Debbie’s emotionometer:
Good spirits, although Mel was tired all day today. We had the morning at Magic Kingdom and the afternoon and evening at the hotel. Lots of good pin trading. We are planning to watch a movie DVD tonight that we borrowed from the DVC library.

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