Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 32 Old Key West At Last

We got up early at the Hawthorne Suites. Neither Debbie nor I slept well. No reason. The room was great, the bed was comfortable, the air conditioning worked well. I particularly slept very poorly. That might explain why I dragged all day.

We got up, did the usual. I got online and did a little work and checked to see if there were comments on yesterday’s blog. Debbie did the laundry because the machine had been busy the night before and since we were up at 5 and breakfast was not until 7 there was plenty of time. Then we packed and loaded the bike. One bad thing. We lost our camera. We have no idea how or where but it is gone. I will be limited to my cell phone for the rest of the trip.

We had the Hawthorne’s very nice breakfast, checked out, and road the 3.7 miles to Old Key West. When we got there, the folks out front that help guest were amazed at our trip. They said we could check everything if we could not get into a room right away and at 8:30 am we did not think a room would be available.

We went in to check in and the woman at that was helping us was also amazed. She did have a room but it was second floor. She then proceeded to juggle things and gave us a choice of first floor rooms that were immediately available. We took the one closest to the bus stop. What good luck.

We first took our refillable mugs out back and sat and had some soda. Then we rode over, put the bike in the room and unpacked. After a brief rest we took Disney Transportation to the Magic Kingdom where we spent most of the day. It was hot. We did a bunch of rides and a lot of pin trading. Then we went over to Epcot basically for dinner although we did two rides there too.

As we left Epcot we could see the storm developing. While we waited for the bus we could see lightening strikes that appeared to be 4-5 miles away. When we got off the bus back at Old Key West it was just starting to sprinkle. Within a minute or so of getting into the room, the skies opened up with a downpour you could almost not see through. There were also plenty of pyrotechnics and claps of thunder. I am glad we got in, just.

Back at the room,  I have done some more work and am writing this blog entry. It is not the last one but with the exception of the ride over to Bay Lake Towers on June 21, the ride to Walt Disney World is history.

Today’s ride: We rode 3.7 miles at 8.9 mph. We were on the bike for about 28 minutes. We are 1370 miles into the ride.

Debbie’s emotionometer: High spirits! Love Disney!


  1. Mel & Debbie, my hat is off to you both... what an incredible adventure! How are you getting home?!?!?! Janis

  2. A friend sent me the link to your blog - what an amazing journey! Congratulations on your awesome trip and thanks for sharing it with the world!

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    Tracey - Co-Host of the Disney, Indiana Podcast