Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 29 Our First Complete Rest Day

We got up and ate breakfast. We both had gotten up in the middle of the night, perhaps as a result of the raging thunderstorm outside. We both could not get back to sleep very fast. We were pretty tired.

We got the bike out and set up. The Inn’s breakfast opened early so we ate there. Then we got on the bike to ride. I (Mel) felt terrible. I am pretty sure it was profound fatigue. We got about a quarter of a mile, not even out of the parking lot and decided to turn around and take a rest day. We went back and the front desk person simply canceled our checkout and we stayed.

We went back into breakfast and had coffee. I got online and graded a discussion that had come due the previous night. Shortly after finishing we went for a walk and ate lunch at Sonny’s BBQ.
Debbie had checked out the movies so after lunch and a stroll through the mall, we saw The Karate Kid. It was a pretty good remake.

After that we went beck to the room and watched a movie, ordered a pizza, and chilled.

That’s all folks!

Debbie’s Emotionometer:
Tired and grumpy (Mel) until we called a rest day. Then we were in good spirits. What does that tell us about this bike trip? It looks like two more riding days to Disney World. We will hopefully land there on Friday.


  1. Just found out about your blog through twitter - this is amazing! Good luck on your trip to WDW! will be following your blog!