Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 34 Bay Lake Towers and Animal Kingdom

We saw a lot of giraffes and one juvenile was nursing. We have never seen anything like this before here.

We were up relatively early. I worked a bit and Debbie did laundry. We did not bring much in the way of clothing and the heat down here requires frequent washes.

This was to be the day we packed and rode over to our new accommodations so we packed. We should have done that last night but we were too tired. We finally got on the road at about 8:00am and biked the 5.6 miles from Old Key West to the Contemporary, the sight of check in for the DVC at Bay Lake Towers.

We road up, parked the bike and went in to register. A woman came over to us. Her name  was Judy and she was  a “greeter” and facilitator. She was blown away by what we had done and had to see the bike. We took her out and were soon surrounded by a small crowd of onlookers including the hotel manager, Patrice, who gave us a balloon bouquet saying “Celebrate!”. They helped us through the process of getting settled. A bell person helped us with getting  our trailer into our room. Patrice even brought out a camera and took our picture. They were all very nice and very helpful and supportive.

We went up to our room. It is beautiful. We changed and got ready to go out. First we went down to the “cafĂ©” and got our refillable mugs and had a couple of sodas. Then we went out to grab a bus to Animal Kingdom.

It was hot. We did less at AK than usual. With no grandchildren with us we have no incentive to rush and burn the candle at both ends. We did the safari ride, the Nemo show, and the Lion King show. On the Safari we got a wonderful picture for my granddaughter Julia. We ate lunch. We also described our ride countless times. We had been given buttons that said, “ celebrating bicycling from NY’” and that was a conversation starter. One cast member was so impressed that she gave us each a free Mickey ice cream sandwich. We also did a bunch of pin trading, and were able to get a lot of the pins we were hunting.

We decided to leave about 3:45. It appeared that the afternoon storm was developing. It has not hit yet. We are back at the room. When we arrived, we found a little “congratulation” present, including the picture that Patrice had take in the morning, a photo album, and a disposable camera to replace the camera we lost. Thanks, Patrice, you rock! We did a bit of cleaning up, I worked for a bit, downloaded some pictures, and wrote this blog. I only have my cell phone for digital pictures so they are not all as good as they might be. We will go out to dinner somewhere in a bit.

Today’s ride: We rode 5.8 miles at 8.9 mph. We were on the bike for 39 minutes which give the heat and humidity was more than enough to get soaking wet. The trip stands at 1376 miles.

Debbie’s emotionometer:
We are pumped by the kindness and powerful reaction we got at check-in here.

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