Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 33 A Day at the Magic Kingdom

When we got back to the room today we found the following package on the bed with a note of congratulations on our retirement. The contents were fruit, tea, cups, and an alarm clock all in a Mickey-shaped basket. We we have not retired. I think they mean our ride down here. What a nice gesture.

Yesterday we returned to find a balloon bouquet with a discount photopass card attached. Also a very nice gesture.

Neither of these was in any way expected but very much appreciated..

We slept a bit later, not much. We got up and cleaned up. I got online and did a bit of work. Then we got our act together and set off.

First there was breakfast and a run through the shop to do pin trading. We had decided to go to the Magic Kingdom again so we boarded the bus bound for there. We got in about 9:15 and started pin hunting. We seemed a bit more rested than yesterday.

We spent the morning pin trading and doing rides. We made it a point to be on Main Street at 10:45 to greet one of our favorite characters - Scoop Sanderson. He plays a reporter for some local late 19th century newspaper. There is a cast of characters that sometimes appear with him including a “mayor.” Today it was just Scoop and a lovely young lady in 1890's garb. In addition to his comedy role, Scoop is a pin-trading expert. We traded with him of course.

After Scoop there were some rides and then lunch. After lunch we did a few more rides and wandered around talking to people. At around 2:00 pm we started to hear the rumbling and noticed that parts of the sky were darkening. We thought the afternoon storm was coming so we decided to go back to our room to sit it out. We left, took the bus, and just made it as the rains started.

I worked for a while. Debbie read. After a couple of hours we started to get hungry so we set off for Downtown Disney to eat at one of the Wolfgang Puck restaurants. It seemed to take forever for the bus to arrive but before too long we were at the restaurant having a very nice meal (Disney Dining Plan).

After dinner we “window shopped” at the pin store. We then went out to wait for the bus which took forever to arrive. The ride back to the room took almost 45 minutes. One reason was that we ran into a traffic light that would not turn green. The driver had to call in for help to get it fixed. We met an interesting couple on the bus and talked about grandchildren and digital cameras.  Finally we got back.

Tomorrow we check out and ride over to the Bay Lake Towers for the rest of our stay here.

Today’s ride: None, just many miles of walking.

Debbie’s Emotionometer: Disney is great. Nobody was Grumpy today.

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  1. We've been to your house a couple of times now and your grandson keeps asking if Nana is riding her tricycle. Translation... you are missed here. Have a great time (sucks about the camera)...